Lauren Baker, APRN

Lauren has 13 years of combined work experience in orthopedics. She started working as an exercise technician at the TOSPT physical therapy office while working on her undergraduate degree. She transitioned to a medical assistant role at TOC before going to back to nursing school for her BSN, RN. Thereafter, she held a position at Tallahassee Outpatient Surgery Center where she worked in the recovery room, admissions, and assisted with nerve blocks.

A Tallahassee native, Lauren grew up racing motocross reaching the elite amateur level and even obtained her professional women’s racing license. Her personal experience with numerous orthopedic injuries has given her a unique insight to patient care in the orthopedic world.  Currently she mainly spends her free time cycling and participating as a Pro-Am in multidisciplinary bicycle races. However, you can still catch Lauren at the motocross track putting around and having fun with her family. She currently resides in Thomasville with her boyfriend and two beloved dogs Hank and Shadow.


Florida State University & University of North Florida

Albany State University

Canopy Clinic