Joint Replacement

Our body’s joints are the key to our mobility. It’s easy to overlook our knees and hips until the nagging ache becomes a continual pain, ultimately impacting the ability to enjoy life’s daily pleasures and tasks, be it family, sports, or just getting around. The TOC Joint Replacement Center of Excellence is here to help.
Our experienced team of joint replacement specialists handles minor repairs to the damaged joint to total joint replacement. These treatment options can offer temporary pain relief or permanent solutions to joint disorders. Depending on the severity of the joint damage, TOC’s trained and experienced orthopedic surgeons will help you find the solution to eliminate pain and improve your quality of life.
Joint pain can be caused by arthritis, a sports condition, a traumatic injury, a degenerative condition, or simple wear and tear. Regardless of the cause, if simple movements are painful and limiting, TOC provides many treatment options — both surgical and non-surgical — to help you find relief.

TOC’s Joint Replacement Center of Excellence is the Leading Outpatient Facility for North Florida and South Georgia

TOC is now scheduling approved total joint replacement surgeries without the need to spend the night in the hospital. The advantages of outpatient surgery include:

  • Same-day discharge
  • Increased comfort / high patient satisfaction
  • Easy and convenient access
  • Rapid recovery protocol
  • Potentially reduced risk of hospital-acquired infections
  • Typically lower overall cost

Our team reviews every patient’s individual needs including, diagnosis of your general health, treatment, and rehabilitation plans toward a pain-free and active lifestyle. Our joint replacement team begins with patient education inclusive of treatments available, insurance coverage and post-operative needs to help you decide if outpatient total joint surgery is a good option for you.


TOC’s team of physicians and clinical staff have advanced medical technologies and procedures to conduct joint replacement surgery in the morning at the Tallahassee Outpatient Surgery Center (TOSC), allowing patients to spend the evening in their own homes. Your TOC physician will discuss whether you may be a candidate for an outpatient procedure.


Tallahassee Orthopedic Clinic (TOC) offers robotic arm-assisted total and partial knee replacements. TOC will provide robotic surgery conducted with Stryker’s Mako Smart Robotics application, a highly advanced robotic technology. The robotic arm-assisted system allows the surgeon to control implants’ accurate alignment and positioning.

The Mako SmartRobotics procedure offers a treatment option for people experiencing stiffness or severe pain from degenerative joint disease. Dr. Chesley Durgin, M.D. said, “MAKO is enhancing the way knee replacement surgeries are performed. By using a CT-based, virtual 3D model, the MAKO system allows for each patient’s surgical plan to be personalized and adjusted prior to any bone resection and then executed with a high level of accuracy and predictability. This increased precision and customization has the potential to lead to better outcomes and higher patient satisfaction.”


  • Total hip arthroplasty
  • Total knee arthroplasty
  • Total shoulder arthroplasty
  • Total knee revision
  • Total hip revision
  • Unicompartmental knee replacement


TOC has served North Florida and South Georgia as the region’s leading orthopedic practice for almost fifty years. More than seventy physicians and providers attend over 225,000 patient visits and conduct 12,500 annual surgeries across the practice’s seven clinic locations.