Since 2012, Dr. Aaron Guyer, TOC Foot and Ankle Surgeon, has been part of a federal disaster response surgical team. Specifically, he is a member of the trauma critical care team south (TCCT-S). This is a Federal disaster response team, made up of surgeons, emergency physicians, anesthesiologists, nurses, PAs and paramedics. There are three of these teams throughout the country, with Dr. Guyer being a part of the south team and only one of TWO orthopedic surgeons on this team!

Every third month, he is on call in case there is a national or international disaster that requires additional medical services in an area that is overwhelmed. This is particularly important in areas hit by earthquakes, wildfires or hurricanes. This is crucial especially if the local hospitals and medical systems have been damaged or overwhelmed. In 2010, Dr. Guyer traveled to Haiti and Iran after the earthquake disaster. This past August, he participated in his teams annual training in Alabama.

We are thankful for all of our TOC physicians who continue to go the extra mile in caring for patients and in everything they do, in and outside of the clinic walls.