Thank you, FSU Director of Athletics, Michael Alford, for acknowledging the outstanding contributions of Susanna Zorn MD, along with our TOC Sports Medicine Team, and Southern Medical Group Cardiology, as essential members of the Florida State University Sports Medicine Team. This highlights the importance of specialization in advancing the prevention and wellness initiatives for student athletes, such as FSU Baseball athlete, Jacob Marlowe.


In particular, Dr. Susanna Zorn’s exceptional expertise and vigilant care have been instrumental in identifying critical health concerns, even beyond the realm of sports-related injuries. With her keen eye for detail and profound understanding of athlete well-being, Dr. Zorn astutely recognized an underlying issue in Jacob Marlowe’s heart health during a routine evaluation. Drawing upon her extensive medical knowledge and astute diagnostic skills, she seamlessly integrated Jacob’s medical history into her assessment, leading to the timely identification of a potentially serious condition.

With unwavering commitment to Jacob’s welfare, Dr. Zorn promptly facilitated his referral to receive specialized cardiology treatment, ensuring that he received the comprehensive care necessary to address his condition effectively. By leveraging her expertise and collaborating closely with Jacob’s medical team, Dr. Zorn exemplified the highest standards of patient-centered care, prioritizing his health and safety above all else.

This exemplary demonstration of proactive medical intervention not only underscores the indispensable role of specialized expertise within the sports medicine realm but also epitomizes the unwavering dedication of the Florida State University Sports Medicine Team to safeguarding the well-being of every student athlete under their care. Through Dr. Zorn’s exceptional leadership and compassionate approach to patient care, Jacob Marlowe’s journey serves as a poignant reminder of the life-changing impact that proactive health management can have on the lives of our athletes.

As we express our deepest appreciation to Dr. Zorn for her invaluable contributions, we also commend her for her steadfast commitment to excellence and her unwavering dedication to the well-being of our student athletes. Her exemplary actions serve as a beacon of inspiration for us all, reminding us of the profound difference that specialized medical care can make in the lives of those we serve.