Adam M. Almaguer, M.D.

Dr. Adam M. Almaguer is a fellowship trained orthopedic surgeon with special training in joint reconstruction and hip preservation. He treats a variety of patients with musculoskeletal issues resulting from developmental hip dysplasia, arthritis, injury, and overuse.

Dr. Almaguer is a native of Florida and completed his undergraduate education at Florida State University. He earned his medical degree from the University of Central Florida and completed his residency in Orthopedic Surgery at the University of Alabama at Birmingham. Following residency, he completed an Adult Reconstruction and Hip Preservation fellowship at Orthopedic Centers of Colorado.

Under the guidance of Dr. Presley Swann, he obtained extensive training in the treatment of hip dysplasia performing periacetabular osteotomies. This allows him to care for the young adult population in preventing the early onset of hip arthritis associated with hip dysplasia.

Dr. Almaguer’s expertise also includes performing total hip and knee replacements in the outpatient surgical setting. He performs hip replacements through a variety of approaches tailored to each patient’s needs. This includes the minimally invasive, muscle sparing direct anterior approach and bikini incision. He performs total and partial knee replacements using kinematic alignment. This advanced technique involves the use of robotics or patient specific 3-D printed models and guides allowing for a customized joint replacement that is specific to each patient’s unique anatomy.

Outside of orthopedics, Dr. Almaguer enjoys spending time outdoors with his wife, Lexi, and their two children, Luke and Brooklyn. Some of their favorite activities include freediving, spearfishing, hiking, biking, and snowboarding. He and his family are avid Nole fans.

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What type of appointment would you line to schedule with Dr. Adam Almaguer? Dr. Almaguer's specialties are Knees, Hip, and Joint Replacement.

Florida State University

University of Central Florida College of Medicine (UCF COM)

University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB)

Orthopedic Centers of Colorado

Capital Medical Clinic